Our Mission

To utilize dance to convey the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to the less fortunate, and to bring together people from different countries, cultures and denominational backgrounds in an atmosphere of praise and love of Jesus Christ.
Praise Academy of Dance is an interdenominational dance ministry founded by Cynthia P. Noble in 1993, catering to students from the age of four to adulthood.
January 18, 2006 marked the 13th anniversary of our establishment as a school. We have a staff complement of 11 teachers possessing qualifications from Certificates and Diplomas to Bachelor's Degrees in Dance.Read the Praise Profile.

Classes in Various Dance Techniques

We offer classes in various dance techniques- including ballet, modern/contemporary, folk, hip-hop and reggae - and have staged a total of 33 concerts over the years. Since 1997, we have included a Summer School Programme in our schedule of classes, hosting two guest tutors from New York and New Jersey to impart their knowledge to our students and to the wider dance fraternity in Jamaica.

Excelling at Home and Overseas

We have been participants in the National JCDC Festival between the years 1999 and 2003 acquiring a total of 18 National Gold Medals, one gold medal and two silver medals. We were awarded the coveted Rex Nettleford Trophy of Excellence in 2003. We have also netted a total of 12 trophies for presenting the best dance in a number of categories.
Our teachers and students have participated in numerous dance workshops and Christian outreaches around the world including South Africa, Australia, Canada, the USA, UK, the Caribbean, Netherland Antilles and here in Jamaica.

Ministry Team

The Academy launched a Ministry Team in 1999 for special outreach and ministry, consisting of teens and adults. Each member is a student of the school and goes through a time of spiritual preparation to acquaint them with the demands of outreach and ministry.
This team has participated in national outreaches such as Jamaica Bawl Out (2000), inner-city and other outreaches in collaboration with Operation Save Jamaica such as "Dis a Fi Wi Nation" (performed islandwide throughout 2005) and civic events such as the National Independence Day Church Service (2002), National Heroes Day Church Service (2002,2003), the Annual Prime Minister's Labour Day Concert (2003), NHT/JCDC Prayer Vigil (2003), National Council of Education Parenting Seminar (2003), Perpetual Praise Christmas Outreach Service (2003).
We continue our quest to be instruments prepared to convey the message of our Lord Jesus Christ through the medium of dance.